You will be able to customize your room to suit your preferences, from the type of blanket you like best to the shape and firmness of your pillow, the temperature of the room upon your arrival and even which (complimentary) drinks you would like to be waiting for you in the minibar.

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We offer an embarrassment of sweet treats, savoury temptations, fresh fruit, healthy vegetable juices and special foods for those who have allergies, food intolerances or who are following a particular diet.



Our Wi-Fi network is free, so you can go online at any time of day and anywhere in the hotel with any of your devices, whether you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or all three. We use a high-performance network that guarantees the highest standard of stability and security.  But that is not all: we also have Internet station available in the lobby, in case you forgot your laptop at home.

Dine & Drink

Our Beach Villas, warm and cozy, grants an high level of privacy and are all furnished with stylish Maldivian furniture and enjoy a private beach in front of every room.



When you arrive at the hotel, you will not need to worry about a thing. Your car (max 5 metres long and 1.88 metres high) will be in good hands, safe and sound in a secure, protected garage. The Berna has a modern, automated garage that cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons and is guarded 24/7. Book a Superior double room directly with us and parking is included in the room rate (subject to availability).

Meeting Rooms

Space to accommodate up to 60 people, situated in a strategic location in the heart of the city, with all the courtesy and hospitality of our staff.



The cool drinks you will find inside are not a sneaky trick to add to your bill: instead, they are simply there for you to drink, free of charge.