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First of all, our welcoming smile.

Hotel Berna has 116 room. In the main building there are 100 rooms of all types, the Reception Desk, the Breakfast Room and the American Bar.
The Berna Tower Building is located just opposite: this is a quiet and secluded annex with 16 rooms.
Due to the Italian hotel regulations, and only because adjunct to the main building, the Berna Tower Building has a different star rating.(3 stars hotel).
The only difference is that for using the hotel services, like breakfast, the American bar and reception, you will need to cross the street. Security is guaranteed by 24/7 video surveillance. One fewer star for extra privacy and a more economical price.

Breakfast Buffet

To sweeten your morning, we have prepared something unforgettable.

We are renowned for our breakfast buffet. 

Even before you have experienced it yourself, you will have heard someone talking about it, or read comments about it online. And we can assure you, no one has ever been disappointed. Just look at the happy faces and amazed expressions of the other guests when you walk into the breakfast room. We offer an embarrassment of sweet treats, savoury temptations, fresh fruit, healthy vegetable juices and special foods for those who have allergies, food intolerances or who are following a particular diet. And you will also discover the joy of starting the day greeted by a good morning and a smile: our staff's passion for hospitality is contagious!

Neat and Clean

At the Hotel Berna, you will discover that hospitality has a fragrance all its own: cleanliness.

We've got a mania for cleanliness. 

You can tell by the little details in our guest rooms and in the time we dedicate to preparing the rooms before our guests arrive. We even clean the carpets and curtains with obsessive frequency, not to mention the areas that you cannot see, like the air conditioner filters. And talking about bath linens, we are proud to be an 'eco-friendly' hotel, contributing in our own way to protecting our wonderful planet. This means that we will change the smaller towels once per day, and the larger ones every two days. If you would like us to change them daily as well, just leave them on the bathroom floor; otherwise, we thank you for holding on to them longer and helping us to consume less water and detergents that are harmful to the environment.


First of all, our welcoming smile. 

However, the smiles after will be many: when we welcome you and during your stay.

And there will also be your smiles when you discover our qualities, the cuddles that we have reserved for you and the surprises prepared just for you.
From the breakfast to the cleaning, from the choice of the room temperature to the silence.
In the heart of Milano you will discover the atmosphere of one of your second homes.

Attention to detail

If the difference is in the details, then you will notice right away that we are a cut above.

For us, this level of attention to detail is a matter of course

but you will be charmed, especially the first time you stay with us, by how delightful it is to be pampered with little surprises, lounge areas where you can always get online, the coffee and tea area supplied with sweet treats 24/7 and the helpfulness of everyone on our staff. 

Be careful, though: once you have savoured these little details, it will be hard to do without them.

No smoking, please

Even smokers are irritated by the smell of smoke.

We have decided to enforce a no-smoking policy in every single area of the hotel.

This way, both the guest rooms and the common areas always smell wonderfully fresh and clean.
We ask all of our smoking guests to make this sacrifice for the benefit of everyone's health as well as the pleasure of staying in a healthy, sweet-smelling hotel. Thank you.