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We are renowned for our breakfast buffet. 

Even before you have experienced it yourself, you will have heard someone talking about it, or read comments about it online. And we can assure you, no one has ever been disappointed. Just look at the happy faces and amazed expressions of the other guests when you walk into the breakfast room. We offer an embarrassment of sweet treats, savoury temptations, fresh fruit, healthy vegetable juices and special foods for those who have allergies, food intolerances or who are following a particular diet.

And you will also discover the joy of starting the day greeted by a good morning and a smile: our staff's passion for hospitality is contagious!

SI HOTELS AWARDS 2015 - Best Breakfast Service For having developed a new format for hotel breakfasts. For its unflagging attention to taste, seasonality and the wellness of its guests, who can even chose foods based on intolerances or personal taste. For having collected such an impressive number of highly positive reviews that it earned a plus. For the visibility given to this important service, for every kind of guest, starting with the website and continuing up to its in-room communication